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Emotional Caleidoscope – Rain brings me a nostalgia of life ever lived … a free fall, and the seed of life gets inside of Mother Earth, and tedium or not, to me it is, beside the sadness, the most precious of feelings, because it is the time when things are dancing before my eyes in cease and beginning, everyday in eternity … I love the days mauve- and yellow-gray, because feel I so small. There is an almost suicidal determination, a longing for the death in life, the break of existence as possible and desirable, when things have earned enough impressions of existence. I feel that I am living in an arid desert and my anguish and lonelyness seems to be the only tangible evidence of my own there. I will leave it to be something sinking into feelings.

translated from: Palimpsesto „Caleidoscópio emotivo“  


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