some thoughts

are drifting

with the wind

like roses petals




catches one


the wind

the scent

the thorns



7 Gedanken zu “Sometimes

  1. Dear Hiedi, You are a good friend. I laughed and needed the good laugh. Thank you so very much for the video. Your attention to detail and care is much appreciated. If I were not half a world away, I would give you a big hug right now! We would laugh, and cry good tears. As sweet as the dew on roses frozen in winter’s dreams. Then in each others eyes say, " Is that really you"? Yes indeed, this is as real as it can be. Then walk on a bed of flowers drawn down To the sea. Tides, do not wait for The Moon. and flowers Frozen, do not cry on the Rain bow brow. The silent thorn, the calling. As ever be well, Dear Friend,Stephen Craig Rowe

    Gefällt mir

  2. hi puzzle,i took your advice and slowed down and relaxed for the rest of the holiday. Well, some of the time. Nothing finer than throny scented wind. Wait. I mean, Windy thorny scent. No, hang on…. that was meant to say "catching petals of scent upon the wind; screw the thorns." Yea, that’s it. That’s the ticket. Seriously, i like the poem and the pic, as usual, is captivating.hope you are well, b

    Gefällt mir

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