Manche betrachten das Gestern wie eine Zeitkapsel aus dünnem Glas – anderen erscheint es wie eine Seifenblase.


3 Gedanken zu “Gestern

  1. Happy New Year to you Puzzle… you knit I am new to it and just love it. I’m struggeling with something new and of course I’ve learned a lot in the process. The gals at the knit shop turned me on to knittting with 2 circular needles at the same time. I learned how to do it in a YouTube video. It is so amazing. I’m eager forthe hemp yarn from Thailand to arrive. I really want to knit all my own shopping bags and get away from paper or plastic bags. Yes, the yarn does look thin and I just might double it up as I knit and use 2 strands at the same time. Take care, Caroline


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