Pferdequartett: –[ HogafflaHage ]–

did you ever hear horses sing? –[ HogafflaHage ]– Open-mouthed


6 Gedanken zu “Pferdequartett: –[ HogafflaHage ]–

  1. Dear Hiedi, Just read of floods in Austria and do hope you and yours are safe and out of harms way. As ever be well, my friend

    Gefällt mir

  2. @ Stephen – all is well around here, my place is not situated next to any rivers (the lake comes just from several wells under it’s ground) and today the sun was shining again. My garden was lucky with the rain and it was that thirsty, there even is no muddy spot to find anymore.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Harrumph! After trying to translate and doing a web search, they sang. Then I played to make them do solos, duets, or just shut up. Visiting your Space keeps the aging brain from deteriorating prematurely. Thanks, Heidi.Peace, Doc

    Gefällt mir

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