Die Apophysische Sphinx malt Fragezeichen:


„In a dream it would seem, I went to those who close the open door. Turning the key, I sat and spoke to those inside of me.
They answered my questions with questions and pointed me into the night, where the moon was a star-painted dancer and the world was just a spectrum of light.
They reached to my center of reason and pulled on the touchstone that’s there – the shock of that light had me reeling and I fell into the depths of despair.
They answered my questions with questions and set me to stand on the brink, where the sun and the moon were as brothers and all that was left was to think.
They answered my questions with questions and pointed me into the night. The power that bore me had left me alone to figure out which way was right …“

– Chris Slade / Manfred Mann

gekürzt; den Text hatte ich schon mal gebloggt, am 11. April 2008, paßt aber immer wieder 😉

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