Winternachmittag auf dem Eis

Nicht jeden Winter kann man auf dem Eis des zugefrorenen Neusiedler Sees solche wundervollen Nachmittage zwischen Menschen und Schwänen unter einem pastellfarbenen Himmel verbringen:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Hier ist sie noch einmal im Einzelnen, die Fotogalerie, aufgenommen beim Bootsanleger bzw. Seebad von Neusiedl:

Die Fotos sind vom Nachmittag des 4. Januar 2009, aufgenommen auf dem Neusiedler See bei Neusiedl am See im Burgenland, Österreich. Zum Vergrössern der einzelnen Fotos bitte die kleinen Galeriebildchen anklicken.

11 Gedanken zu “Winternachmittag auf dem Eis

  1. Hey Heide!You really take good photos! I’m waiting for that day too.You were right, I’m afraid of future challenges. But if I will prepare good than there shouln’t be no fear.Hug,T

    Gefällt mir

  2. I know of what you speak! I hope they bring back a few features and consolidate a few things. These great photos triggered a little memory of Carly (our 7 month old golden retriever) on a recent walk (run!). We head out on the golf course (empty in winter) with a toy that I throw and she retrieves (sometimes). When not, I walk along and she eventually brings the toy to me and in this way we enjoy an hour or so making our way. At one point, I threw the toy across a creek (say 8 meters wide). She usually finds the bridge and runs across it, but this time she was so excited she ran directly into the creek and just as I expected her to go swimming I realized the creek was frozen over. About 2/3 across she sit down and slid the rest of the way on her rump! Once across, without even a pause, she jumped the creek bed and ran directly to the toy. I’m going to try that again in spring and see what happens. ^_^hope you are well, b

    Gefällt mir

  3. This is beautiful too, is it the sea or lake? Looks like the sea… I never see so many people dancing in the sea before! 🙂 Amazing Photos. Thanks for the invite, I am honor to be your friend. Mei

    Gefällt mir

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